How Much Does Propecia Cost?

Male pattern hair loss is a usual circumstance in which a man experience thinning of his hair on his scalp. It is the ordinary type of losing hair that is common in most men at some period. Usually, it takes about 15-25 years for a man to go bald. But, some unfortunate men go bald in less than 6 years. Male pattern hair loss just like other problems before has no solutions. Good thing, today, with the advancement of technology and sicence, there are products such as Propecia to treat it.

Propecia is a product made to prevent hair loss or to treat male pattern hair. It is a product for use by men only and prohibited to women or children. What it does is it prevents the conversion of testosterone to (DHT) dihydrotestosterone in the body. Studies have shown that 85% of male patients who took it had grown their hair back and be able to keep it. Propecia has been approved by BFAD for the treatment of male pattern baldness. It is the first hair loss drug available in pill form.

Most men suffering in male pattern hair loss ask if it is expensive and how much does Propecia Cost. Each Propecia pill costs around $2-$3 per pill. It is expensive but you’ll be happy with the good effects that the product can give.  When Merck, the manufacturer of Propecia heard a lot of feedbacks about the price of Propecia, they gave a good respond to it. They are offering Propecie Persistence Program which user can avail discounts through coupons that the company gives. The program offers $60 discount for those new buyers of a 90-day supply. If it is your fourth times to buy Propecia you can avail the $200 discount. Aside from that, buyers can also get tips reminders on using the product which is very important to guide them throughout the treatment.

The makers of Propecia also offers money back guarantee. If you didn’t get good result from the product after 12 months, you can have your money back. So that you can avail with the program, the user must fulfill the enrollment form at the beginning of the treatment and have a physician certify the result of the treatment.

Buy Propecia Generic (Finasteride) to stop the thinning of your Hair

Propecia is an androgen hormone inhibitor treatment.  It is a medication recommended to treat hair loss among men.  Propecia medication stops testosterone from converting into dihydrotestosterone, which was already identified as the key factor for hair loss.  The most common hair loss is Male Pattern Hair Loss or MPHL.    Propecia was developed for men only.  Pregnant and to be pregnant women should never use nor handle this drug because this can be dangerous for the babies in the womb.  Propecia works primarily to arrest or slow the falling out of hair from the scalp but it can cause some growth of new hair. Propecia has shown a high success rate as evidenced among its many users.  Propecia can have a significant success in reducing the dihydrotestosterone by inhibiting the formation of DHT in the scalp.  By lowering the DHT appears to inhibit the further shrinking of the affected hair follicle.

Men who want to look more presentable and attractive certainly prefer to keep enough hair as possible on their scalp.  However, it is sad to note that desire alone cannot help to keep the hair from falling out.  The hair loss which usually starts in the early 30’s among men will continue and get worse if not given appropriate medication.  Upon noticing the condition that you start to look or become thin, you need to see your doctor and discuss your situation with him.  Talk with him the possible cause of your hair loss.  Knowing the cause/s of any condition will give your doctor an easier way to give medication.  The medical world says that no hair loss happens without the contribution of heredity.  Most of the hair loss is inherited from any of your parents, although there are rare cases wherein hair loss is caused by hormonal problems.  Your hormones and genes determine the most common form of hair loss.  Propecia is the first and the only FDA approved pill which has been proven to treat Male Pattern hair Loss on the vertex and anterior mid-scalp area among men.

The level of the DHT, the key to hair loss in the scalp and blood can be lowered by Propecia.  Propecia can block the enzymes that metabolize DHT.   Men with high level of DHT suffer from Male Pattern Hair Loss. DHT contributes much to the shortening of the hair growth phase and the thinning of the hair.   Taken for three months or more, Propecia can give you the benefit of hair regrowing.  This should be sustained by taking it continuously for a longer period.  If you stop taking Propecia because you have already new hair in your scalp, this might be reverted and you will return to your previous state.

Buy propecia Genericto treat your hair loss.   Finasteride is the generic name of propecia.  Generic drug can bring the same result that a brand name can give, thusbuy Propecia genericbecause it is more affordable.  If the medicine is affordable the longer you can have it.   The longer you take the drug the better the result you can gain.  Treat your hair loss, buy Propecia Generic and take it continuously for a longer period to sustain the benefit that it can bring.