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Personal or Family Use

MedicalRecords 24/7 is a secure Internet "vault" for you and your families important medical records

Our easy-to-use friendly interface can SAVE YOUR LIFE and YOUR LOVED ONES!

You can securely store a variety of important, life-saving medical information with 24/7 access such as medical conditions, emergency contacts, allergies, blood type, medical test results, lab reports, living wills or health proxies, insurance policy information, immunization dates, medications, charts/x-ray and other important information. In the event of an emergency, emergency responders and doctors can gain read-only access to your medical records, which can save your live and your loved ones! As health information changes, you can easily update your records from the comfort of your home or work...basically anywhere you have Internet access.

Take a free test drive on our login page using:

username: demo
password: password is ideal for families with young children as well as those who may become caregivers. Create an account and literally in minutes, you'll have an easy, secure way to organize, manage and access the medical information for your entire family, including elderly parents. Our printable Medical Records 24/7 Emergency card should be carried by you and your loved ones; emergency responders are instructed to look for emergency and medical information on a unconscious person. This could save your life and the life of your loved ones!

At your convenience, you can enter important medical information for every family member and never again worry about finding an immunization date or remembering a medication name or dosage. Test results, charts, lab reports, receipts and MUCH more are just a click away. Before the next doctor or dentist appointment you can simply print out all the relevant information for that visit.

In an emergency your records are always accessible, this could mean giving the emergency room physician vital accurate information at 3a.m. with a sick child or elderly parent; or allowing an emergency medical responder access to your personal health records 24/7 which can save your life!

You can feel more secure traveling now that you have a secure digital medical file that can be accessed anywhere there is an Internet connection. You can even view this record on your pda. ***