Who Are We is the brainchild of two mothers who were concerned that they were the only ones who knew their children's and parent's medical records. What would happen if their parents or children were involved in a medical emergency and life saving information was needed right away? Blood types, medications & dosages, immunizations, allergies, emergency contacts and much more...who would know all of this about their parents, children and loved ones?

In 2007, this group launched a new initiative designed to meet a challenging goal: create a more convenient way for patients of all ages to provide doctors, emergency responders and the healthcare system with timely accurate medical information. is the product of 20 years of hospital and private practice experience and the newly forming electronic age in Medicine. thru exhaustive patient research has developed a tool to simplify life by helping consumers consolidate and organize personal health information and family medical records. allows you to have your medical information shared with physicians and emergency medical responders securely and confidently, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!